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Cutting Edge Spa Designs

Shawn, a well visioned creator with over 30 years experience in hot tub industry, Shawn designs spas that are unique and one of a kind. Cutting edge details from water features, fire features, cool misting features, cold plunge therapy features,  a patented 70 jet spa system achieved with only 2 pumps that has never been done until now, Lighting features, and specialty Italian tiled spa designs with gold, silver, radiant glass and more that will leave you breathless in awe of their beauty.

Pool Designs

Pools with magnificently cultivated attention to details such as Water Features, Scuppers, Waterfalls, LED Lighting, Fire Features, Fire Bowls, Water Bowls, Custom crafted metal and wood water features.

***Hand crafted custom Italian mosaics made in the birthplace of mosaics...Ravenna, Italy. 

Landscape Plans

Perfection with attention to detail so the approval processes go smooth and concise so that you can begin the groundbreaking dream become a reality. 


“Quality is never an accident;

It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution”

William A Foster

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